Argentina - Spain, 2011 - 90'
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Roberto is a manic hardware shop owner, a collector of strange stories that he clips from newspapers. Without realizing it, he ends up being part of one of them when a young Chinese man, Jun, suddenly comes into his life, from the back door of a taxi.

Un cuento chino will be freely accessible on 9 October, 2021, starting at 3pm in Thailand, 4pm in the Philippines and Malaysia, and 7pm in Australia, , and on 10 October, 2021, during the whole day.

Full Cast and Crew

Director: Sebastián Borensztein
Script: Sebastián Borensztein
Production: Castafiore Films Aliwood Mediterráneo Producciones Film Stock Investment Pampa Films
Film Editing: Fernando Pardo
Cinematography: Rodrigo Pulpeiro
Actors: Ricardo Darín Huang Sheng Huang Muriel Santa Ana Enric Rodríguez

Sebastián Borensztein

Sebastián Borensztein took up a degree in Communication at the Universidad del Salvador (Argentina). Later, he was trained in directing actors at the Augusto Fernández School. In the mid-80s he worked as a creative designer in the world of advertising. Thanks to his father, the comedian Tato Bores, he became successful in his first jobs as a screenwriter on television, especially with the acclaimed series Tiempo final (2002). In 2005, he made his debut as a film director with La suerte está echada, which was well acclaimed by critics and the public, as well as his following works: Sin memoria (2010) and, especially, Un cuento chino, starring Ricardo Darín , with whom he works again in Capitán Koblic (2016) and La odisea de los giles (2019).


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