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Costa, a skeptical film producer, and Sebastián, a young and idealistic director, are working together on an ambitious project that they are going to shoot in Bolivia. The film they are going to shoot will deal with the arrival of the Spaniards in America, emphasizing the brutality of the settlers, as well as the courage of various members of the Church who confronted swords and chains with words. But Costa and Sebastián are unaware that in Bolivia, where they have decided to install their Santo Domingo project, a challenge awaits them that will make them reel to the depths. As soon as the Water War breaks out (April 2000) the convictions of one and the detachment of the other begin to break down, forcing them to take an emotional journey in opposite directions.

También la lluvia will be freely accessible on 9 October, 2021 (starting at 5pm in Thailand, 6pm in the Philippines and Malaysia, and 9pm in Australia), and on 10 October, 2021, during the whole day.

Full Cast and Crew

Director: Icíar Bollaín
Script: Paul Laverty
Production: También la lluvia (AIE) Morena Films Vaca Films Alebrije Cine Vídeo y Madarin
Film Editing: Ángel Hernández Zoido
Cinematography: Álex Catalán
Actors: Luis Tosar Gael García Bernal Juan Carlos Aduviri Karra Elejalde Carlos Santos Raúl Arévalo

Icíar Bollaín

Icíar Bollaín is a Spanish actress and director. She starred in El Sur (Víctor Erice, 1983) at the age of sixteen. Later, she worked on different feature films, television series and an opera. In 1991, together with Santiago García de Leániz and Gonzalo Tapia, she founded Producciones La Iguana, and she took her first steps in directing the short films Baja, corazón (1993) and Los amigos del muerto (1994). Her first full-length film Hola, ¿estás sola? (1995) was followed by Flores de otro mundo (1999), Te doy mis ojos (2003), for which she was indisputably commended as one of the leading directors. This was based on the short film Amores que matan, a mockumentary on gender violence, which the feature film addressed in a complex way. It garnered rave reviews and won seven Goya Awards. Afterwards she directed Mataharis (2007), También la lluvia (2010), Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo (2011), En tierra extraña (2014), El Olivo (2016), Yuri (2018) and La boda de Rosa (2020). Her latest film, Maixabel, is an entry for the San Sebastian Festival in 2021.


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